“By understanding exactly what visitors are doing on your site, we can suggest changes that are so much more than just guesswork “Andy Drinkwater

UX Auditing and Usability Testing

Making changes that impact the user journey on your website is much more than mere guesswork. Today there are tools that allow us to understand exactly what visitors are doing and what we can do to further enhance the click-through rates.

By doing this, you can make positive site changes that derive from data collected during webpage testing phase.

Why do you need a UX Audit?

  • User satisfaction is a confirmed Google ranking factor.
  • You can quickly and easily see exactly how visitors interact with your page.
  • Any proposed changes are based on live data, not what you think might work.
  • UX Audits doesn’t involve costly A-B or Split Testing making them very cost-effective.
  • Issues will be highlighted that you probably weren’t aware of.
  • Heuristic analysis principles are applied through the auditing phase.
  • Audits remove the time it takes to keep testing site changes for improvements.

What do we look for while performing a Usability Audit?

Ultimately, we want to understand if your site is delivering the service or assistance that a visitor is expecting.

For example, if you sell products or services, then what does the user journey look like and what prevented someone making a purchase?

By reviewing and understanding your desired goals we can look for fail points and provide you with a report detailing exactly how you can change your site to improve user satisfaction.

When should you perform a UX Audit?

There isn’t actually a right or wrong time to improve your website. Some prefer to do this early on after launch and monitor what visitors are doing, while others might be many years into their business and understand improvements can be made.

How much does a UX Audit Cost?

There is a misconception that anything to do with user experience is expensive, but auditing a set of pages starts from as little as £650+VAT with additional enhancements available to gain even more understanding if you wish.

The only way to give you a firm price if for you to get in touch by Email or phone and we will then understand more about the project.

How long does a UX Audit take to complete?

A UX Audit generally takes from 2-4 weeks to complete, depending upon a number of factors:

  • Platforms
  • User Activity
  • Number of Pages
  • Goals

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