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How I help sites build organic traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and Google as the dominant search engine is still the leading and most effective source of visitors that convert to customers, compared with paid traffic from PPC and the constant effort required for direct traffic from social media. The challenge is to generate more organic traffic by ranking higher and creating new keyword opportunities.

A solid organic SEO strategy is essential to drive the most amount of traffic possible, which includes keywords analysis, building backlinks (also known as link building), technical site optimisation and effective content marketing.


What works for seo traffic growth

Organic SEO is a process; a set of repeatable steps to satisfy the search engine. The steps typically include some or all of these elements.


Building backlinks

In order to increase organic search traffic, it’s essential to send the right signals to Google using effective, strong and relevant links pointing back to your site. These are considered “votes” and will help you rank higher. As an SEO expert, I focus on building strength through every new backlink.


Content analysis

The right content to aid your visitors is essential not only for Google, but for converting your traffic into customers. In order to gain the necessary insight, appropriate SEO tools are used to evaluate the effectiveness of your current content and recommendations made for improvements.


Keyword analysis

One of the most essential SEO tactics is ensuring that the correct pages exist and they focus on the most important keywords, and particular that the main keyword is well represented in the content. Your branded keywords and long tail keywords are also evaluated as part of keyword research.


New landing pages

Where there are keyword gaps – where there are search queries you aren’t ranking for – additional pages will be suggested, in order to grow the volume of keywords which your site attracts organic traffic for.


Site structure

Internal linking is a particular specialism and there is considerable focus on ensuring that the structure and linking between pages is effective in any SEO campaign


Technical SEO

Website traffic growth will be impossible to achieve if there are technical SEO issues on the site, so any SEO strategy will begin with a thorough technical SEO audit.

25 years of growing organic search traffic

I’ve been working in SEO now for 25 years, initially inhouse on a large website, and then as a freelance SEO.

I know what it takes to satisfy Google with the on-page and off-page signals it evaluates, and therefore optimise sites to increase traffic from the search engines.

Time frames for increasing traffic

Increasing traffic using SEO takes time, and I’ve learned to appreciate the long game. This applies to all kinds of rankings from content sites, to e-commerce sites to complex verticals and the vertical-specific keywords they require.

Modern inbound marketing

SEO is the most effective form of inbound marketing. It’s important to stay up-to-date with all new developments in this market, though, and SEO changes quickly with Google releasing core updates usually three times a year. I keep my ear to the ground.

Frequently asked questions

Without a doubt, Google provides the most traffic. Bing and DuckDuckGo provide between them less than 10% of organic traffic, leaving Google with over 90% of the market.
I have access to a number of SEO tools which give me data to show the amount of searches per month. While search volume isn’t all that’s important, growing organic traffic will need to include keyword research and analysis.
Paid traffic can be useful for SEO in helping us determine the traffic that will convert, but there’s no doubt that non-paid listings are the “SERP king” when it comes to visitors and their level of trust.
SEO is key, but social media can bring benefits too, depending on the type of traffic needed. It can be useful to promote new blog posts, for example, in order to gain some initial views and reactions.