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How I help you with technical seo issues

It’s no secret that the world of SEO is becoming increasingly difficult to make an impression on. The algorithms are getting smarter by the day and you need a more advanced strategy to stand out amongst the crowd. I offer improved options to get your site discovered online, based on 20 years of experience.

If you need help from an SEO expert, I offer the services and consultancy that will ensure you’re visible in Google, and remain that way, ensuring your organic traffic continues to support your business.

Technical SEO is essential

Technical SEO will help you to rank higher in search results. This is because it improves your website’s quality and makes it more readable and digestible by search engine crawlers.

Here are a few elements of technical SEO.

SEO strategy

SEO strategy focuses on what search engines actually care about. It’s not enough to just have your pages in the search engine results through links, you also need to get it right with regards to keywords.

Diagnosing technical SEO issues

An SEO audit focuses on setting up the technical side of running a website. This is something that you will need to provide to the search engine crawlers, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, with the content they desire.

Encouraging best practice SEO

Best practice SEO techniques are vital for SEO success. Two of the most important things to focus on for any website are content and link building, but technical SEO ensures that content is available and links are most effectively utilised.

International SEO

International SEO focuses on making sure that your website is found by people all across the world. There are technical elements required in order to ensure that Google and Bing can see the correct content for each country.

Website migration

Technical SEO is essential when dealing with website migration, to make sure that the new site is found in the search engines. It’s important to ensure that all of the links and pages you need are included in any new site, and correct redirections set up.

Author of technical SEO checklist

A number of years ago, I realised that the SEO community lacked any standards when it came to an SEO audit. Many professional SEOs were not including essential checks, leaving customers sites open to Google penalties or lower traffic.

I decided that I would create a free resource for SEOs in order that they were able to work more effectively for their clients. This was the (now updated) checklist.

What's in the checklist?

It’s everything a professional SEO should be checking. It includes basics such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup and pages indexed through to competitor analysis, site architecture, technical SEO points, images, mobile, links and on-page content .. and much more besides.

Download technical SEO checklist spreadsheet

You are welcome to join the thousands of SEOs using the checklist for their activities.

Frequently asked questions

A comprehensive SEO audit is the most effective way to ensure that the search engine requirements have been fully implemented. I’m an audit professional and lead the industry with my checklist.
It’s a set of repeatable steps which can produce results. Within SEO this would often be an audit to identify errors, omissions and opportunities, followed by a plan to improve the situation, working on the maximum bang for buck first.
This is incredibly common. Most web developers don’t understand SEO. But don’t worry! This is almost always recoverable by using tools to look at how your website used to be, and making the important content changes back to how they used to be.