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How a technical SEO audit can help your website

A technical SEO audit is an essential part of managing your SEO and online marketing strategies.

The audit process helps to uncover SEO issues (on-page and off-site), resulting in a guided method which can help to improve your SEO performance by correcting identified issues.

With more than 240 inspection points, I can offer you the most extensive SEO audit service, with a no-stone-unturned approach.

Elements of technical SEO audits

To make sure you understand all of the SEO issues on your site, there’s a checklist that I follow. It contains all of the important elements for improving technical SEO.

Crawl errors

In order for Google to index your content, it must first be able to see it. There are a variety of crawl issues that can cause Google to be blocked, and solutions such as internal linking, robots.txt and analysis of javascript will help to uncover issues.

Title tags & content

The content on your pages, including the page titles, are essential for ensuring that you make the most of your SEO and improve your Google rankings. These are evaluated, including an evaluation of duplicate content that might have built up over time.

Internal linking

As an internal linking expert, I ensure that your site is well structured so that – no matter how many pages you have – Google can evaluate each of them and understands the content on them.

Site speed

In 2021 site speed became a relevant ranking factor, and is currently one of the key elements where a website will fail, especially if it’s not been technically assessed for a number of years.

Canonical tag & redirection

Google likes to know the originator of content on your site, and new URLs which might contain parameters can cause duplicate content. Canonical tags help Google to see the originator of the content on these URLs. In addition, redirections and other website response codes are evaluated.

Benchmarks & competition

It’s essential to know that your site performs well against the competition, and benchmarking is key to understanding this. Your keyword rankings are evaluated, along with the sites you would like to be winning against.

Key SEO tools

In order to improve your SEO performance, my technical SEO audit checklist is followed. Built over nearly a decade, it contains the elements to check in order to discover technical SEO issues. There are a variety of SEO audit tools which I use too.

Screaming Frog

Every SEO expert will have heard of and used Screaming Frog. For over a decade, it’s been a leading tool used by nearly every SEO agency to discover everything from broken links to site structure issues.

Google Search Console

Googles own tool – previous called webmaster tools – helps to evaluate the pages and discover indexation issues, sitemap problems and ranking. It also lists the backlinks which you have, and the anchor text they use.


One of the earliest tools, ahrefs is used by every SEO specialist in order to check backlinks and the important pages which are delivering organic SEO traffic.


SEMrush helps to find keyword gaps and perform effective competitor analysis and benchmarking. It also has tools to discover technical issues and even site speed.

Your website audit delivery

Your audit data is presented in a simple to understand form that you can pass to your developers or content writers, or you may choose to take some other services from myself in order to improve your SEO.

SEO strategy

An SEO audit is the best way to discover the SEO strategy which will work for you; does your site require improved content, technical SEO (like site structure) or link building? Is it missing alt text across the site, or are meta descriptions ineffective? Are there broken links that need fixing? Is important structured data missing?


Once you have a list of SEO issues to fix, it becomes simpler to prioritise. You will also understand the most important elements to fix to get the most improvement in the shortest time. The site audit becomes your development and content improvement list.

Frequently asked questions

Google kindly provides a huge volume of SEO data going back a year and a half in their tools. It covers search traffic and performance, site speed, backlinks and some technical SEO issues.
I provide you with a spreadsheet and an explanation video, in order that you can pass a comprehensive list of fixes to your developers.
I’ve worked on sites up to a million pages, so don’t worry! Your SEO site audit can be based on a website of any size.
Most definitely; the SEO audit checklist itself can become your SEO strategy since it will help discover all issues and can be used to prioritise fixing of issues with maximum bang-for-buck.
Typically, the majority of efforts are based on Google and their requirements. However, Bing is also considered.
Yes! Some sites have doubled their traffic when they fix issues they didn’t even know they had.