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Safeguarding your online reputation by burying negative press

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Dealing with negative search results

However it’s happened, businesses and individuals can find their public perception affected by negative reviews, bad press, disgruntled customers and even negative SEO. But there are ways of dealing with this.

By utilising a range of techniques to suppress this negativity, I can help you to carry on with your business or personal life.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (ORM) is all about taking control of the conversations happening around you or your business on the web.

When someone Google’s your personal or business name, what you don’t want are the search results bringing back lots of negativity. It can be awkward, embarrassing, bad for business and can make job-hunting in the future very difficult.

So what can you do about it?


How does online reputation management work?

By creating positive press and burying the negative, I help you to take control of what is being said, thereby clearing the online path for both businesses and individuals.


How is negative press created in the first place?

There are so many ways this can happen. Something might have happened that has ended up in the news or perhaps a negative review has spun out of control. The fact is that almost anything that has happened can end up online, whether you like it or not. Sometimes there are legalities that mean it must be removed, but other times, it is there for good – unless you take action.


What to do if your online reputation is in trouble

The most important thing is not to panic. It might look bad but it can also be made a lot worse by taking knee-jerk reactions towards what has happened. Yes, you will want to defend yourself or your business, but there is a right and a wrong way of doing this. The most important thing is not to create a scene online for all to see. Take it offline to private chat at your earliest opportunity and listen to what is being said.


Get in touch

Drop me a message below – you are assured complete confidentiality at every step of the way.

You are your brand - Personal ORM

Everyone has a history but since the introduction of the internet, and more so since Social Media became a thing, our digital activities can be seen by all. Blogs, Facebook, X (formally Twitter), TikTok, YouTube, Instagram et al… These are all places where you can share your personal life. For most this is never an issue, but now and then, something can come back and bite you.


Why you need to care what is being said

There are many reasons why you need to take care of what you say online. It is too easy for screenshots to make it into groups on the likes of Facebook and Reddit and start to spiral out of control – and it does happen! It can sometimes be many years down the line so don’t assume just because something was said 5 years ago that it can’t come back to haunt you.


Repercussions of a negative online reputation

Are you aware that some employers will research you online before deciding to hire you? They will look at your social profiles and gain a more in-depth understanding about you as a person. Landlords might also look at who they are letting their house to or insurance companies researching claims. Keep your digital footprint as clean as possible.


What happens when it all goes wrong?

If you worry that something is about to happen, or has happened, please get in touch. Don’t get into heated discussions online as anger can quickly escalate and the next thing you know, your words are being used against you.

Reputation Management for businesses

No business wants a poor reputation but sometimes it can happen. With all of the online review sites that are available, it is too easy for people to have their say, and often without being fact-checked.

Google reviews, Facebook, Trustpilot, Feefo, Trip Advisor, LinkedIn, Personal blogs… No industry or business is safe from being targeted if things go wrong so how can this be combated?

Option 1 - Burying Negative Press

Sometimes you can take control of what appears on the first page of Google through various means. By creating lots of positive press, the negative can be buried past the first page. Sites and posts need additional effort in order to make sure they are working for you, not against.

Option 2 - Takedown Requests

Depending on what has been said and where, there can sometimes be ways to get this taken down by Google. It doesn’t always work the first time, but it can be a much quicker first step to removing online negativity. Once I understand the gravity of the issue, I can advise more clearly on what is required and how best I can work with you.