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How I help with your online reputation

Your reputation online is incredibly important. With so many people looking on social media to determine the reputation of a company or person, it can be easy to find yourself struggling.

Negative press on Google is often gossiping or rumours which you or your company have become involved with, but may also be press which you’d like to be buried. Using a set of techniques and significant volumes of positive content or content removal, your reputation can be restored.

Types of negative press

Google can include different types of negative press on their service which you may prefer wasn’t there.

Negative search result

When someone searches for your name on Google, you’d like only positive results about yourself or your business. However, bad press or a negative news article can go viral and end up on the first page of Google, causing damage to your online reputation.

Negative content

Negative information on a variety of types of sites can cause damage to your brand and will result in potential customers choosing from alternative services. The negative story or content can cause a significant loss of business or opportunities.

Negative reviews

Even a single bad review or fake review can hurt your business and cause customers to shop elsewhere. Some people hold a grudge, and others go out of their way to hurt a brand.

Negative autocomplete

When searching for your name or business, you may notice that the autocomplete – the dropdown that makes suggestions of what others search for – contains negative information. This causes negative brand perception before a customer ever even sees a search engine result.

A positive google reputation

In most cases, there are two key routes to improving your online reputation.

Content removal

We’d all like the negative content to be removed, whether that’s a fake google review, or some kind of negative google results when your brand is searched for.

This is typically the first option to try.

Addition of positive content

If content can’t be removed, the next option is to add a significant amount of positive content to counter or bury the negative.

This is particularly useful for any kind of negative story or negative comment which may be impossible to remove since the website hosting may be within their rights to retain it.

Frequently asked questions

It’s impossible to say and depends on the particular situation, but positive results can often be gained within weeks or months. Get in touch to discuss this in more detail.
Sadly, no. Not everything can be removed, but it’s where to start. If negativity can’t be removed, it can certainly be buried to the point where it doesn’t cause difficulty for your brand image.
The kind of content used to bury negative press from a news site, or online reviews, will depend on the particular situation. Contact us for a specific assessment of your situation.