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How I build beneficial links to your site

Backlinks – the ultimate vote from one site to another.

Link building is imperative because it helps your website gain exposure and ultimately, higher rankings in the SERPs. I will provide you with Google-friendly backlinks that don’t rely on 3rd party site metrics to make them look impressive.

I’ve seen link building campaigns get more difficult in recent years, but with proper planning and execution, I can find excellent quality links that Google will approve of.

Types of link building

Not all link building techniques are equal. In order to increase your SEO ranking, you need to adopt a link building strategy that’s effective. Here are a few popular link building tactics.

Guest posting

Guest blogging is a form of journalism that involves writing content for a website or blog, usually on an editorial or opinion-related basis. The site will provide a link back to your site.

Broken links

Broken link building is an SEO technique that involves the creation of content designed to attract search engine traffic by exploiting broken outbound links on webpages and websites. By creating replacement content, we hope that the site will link to our content instead.

Content marketing

In order to successfully build quality links using great content, you must be able to create articles and graphics that will capture the attention of your audience, and stand out among the others. If promoted successfully – possibly using social media – this will earn you more links to the content.

Editorial links

Not specifically an seo link building technique, editorial links are placed by humans who decide whether a backlink is justified. Google considers these types of natural links to be incredibly desirable in a backlink profile.

Link building service

If you’re looking to grow the strength of your site, I can offer a quality link building campaign which meets Googles needs.



The first step of link building is to investigate the links which you already have to your site. I use the most effective SEO software for this, which is Ahrefs.



The next step is to look through the links and categorise them. I might recommend disavowing some links, which will remove them in Googles eyes, and reduce the change of any penalties further down the line.



When we’re clear on what you have, I create a strategy that will grow you in the areas which are a missing, in order to build your domain strength and relevancy.



Once signed off, I will deliver a high quality link building campaign that keeps your site growing in organic traffic.

Domain strength

Often called by different names invented by tools like SEMrush (Domain authority) and SEMrush (Domain rating), the strength of your site is a direct consequence of your link profile.

Strength of links

Google knows which sites are highly trusted and strong by the links pointing to them. As more strong sites point to your site, it adds to your strength, and increases your ranking on Google and the amount of organic traffic you’re sent.

Quality of links

Domain strength isn’t the only important metric; high quality backlinks are incredibly important to Google. As a website owner, you should consider the quality of links being created by your SEO strategy. You should also consider the anchor text of the links pointing to your site. As an SEO expert, I understand the formula that will provide the most benefit.

Frequently asked questions

A healthy link profile is diverse. There are plenty of types of links of different types.
Well, all of them really! The more diverse the links pointing to a website, the more effective the technique. It can be important for a company to have a good PR machine working too, in order that completely natural links appear in ways that are not connected to link building.
Well, I’m sorry … but I can’t give away all of my secrets!