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Why your online reputation matters

In a world where a reputation is the difference between success and failure, many businesses and individuals are relying on online reputation management to maintain their image.

Social media, online reviews, review sites and negative press can damage a company’s reputation and cause a business owner to lose a significant share of the business to their competition.

How can your reputation be damaged

Without a reputation management strategy, your business interests can experience difficulties in a variety of ways and your brand image can suffer.

Negative press

A news site or website can publish press that harms your business either temporarily or permanently, causing your positive reputation to plummet.

Negative search results

Certain stories can go viral and appear in the Google search results close to the top, causing your good reputation to be hurt. This negative content can be buried.

Social media

Your brand’s reputation can be harmed by posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Brand monitoring can uncover where this is coming from, allowing you to take action.

Negative reviews / fake reviews

Whether on Facebook, Google or a review site, negative reviews can cause significant harm to your positive reputation, with negative comments resulting in a loss of business and a poorer brand image.

Reputation management soutions

It’s essential today to have a strategy to handle each of these situations proactively.

Crisis management

If you’ve had a crisis, you might start to see your business tumble. However, a review of your online reputation might allow us to discover quick ways to bury the crisis.

Positive brand image

Maintaining a positive brand image and PR can help you to weather any situations which come your way, whether that’s negative customer reviews or significant negative press.

Digital marketing

Online content placed in particular locations can be used effectively in order to restore a positive brand reputation, and drown out the negative situation you find yourself in.

Review management

Keeping on top of the positive reviews that your business has can help to drown out the small amount of negative or fake reviews which you’re hit by.

Media monitoring

Knowing where your reputation might be suffering is an important step towards ensuring your reputation is always positive, whether that’s just a bad review or negative content placed online.

A positive image for your potential customer

Reputation management is ensuring that each new client or customer will gain a positive view of your business, whether via social media or Google search.

Online reputation management

Your business reputation is essential to continuing to grow and increase your profit level. Taking a proactive approach to your corporate reputation is essential, starting with review and media monitoring.

Building positivity

Every business has negativity that can harm it, but this can be covered by the positivity that you receive. Your customers need never know about the negative content if they never see it.

Frequently asked questions

It depends exactly what has happened, but usually within weeks or months there can be an improvement.
Typically, negative press can be buried and negative reviews can be either removed or drowned out by positive reviews. However, it would be worth discussing your exact challenge so we can devise a solution for you.
If you’ve only received a single negative review, typically this won’t harm a business. However, if it’s the only review you’ve received, or if there are multiple negative comments, there may be a need to take action.
It may be that this dies down very quickly, but if you find it’s harming your business, you should take action swiftly.