Reputation Management Case Study 2024

Removing Negative Press

When things go wrong and your past catches up with you, it can quite often hold you back in many ways.

This happened to a client (all clients remain anonymous) who wound up being involved in activities that led to a conviction a number of years ago.

For obvious reasons, I never go into details that might make it so that they become identifiable, so what I can share is always limited.

The problem was that several years down the line after a conviction and jail term, they managed to really get their life back on track. A good position in a company and a high-profile career. That was until someone stumbled upon an old news article online.

The result of this was that suddenly everyone at the company knew about what had happened and very quickly their reputation was also on the line. The company wished to distance themselves from what had happened, so this person had no choice but to resign.

Originally, he had no need of any reputation management services, but as soon as this started to affect work and home life, it was time to do something about it.

Fast forward to 6 months later, I received a contact from this person. They explained what had happened. how it happened and what this had done to them. Now trying to find a new job, every employer was Googling their name and they would appear at the top of the search results. Far from ideal…

So a plan was formed and a campaign was agreed upon.

Initial contact to try and have the news taken down was refused by Google so we continued with the next steps.

Creating Online Personas

Sometimes it is necessary to bury the negative press by flooding the first page of Google with lots of positive press thereby removing the negative press. Other times you promote what is already there on the 1st couple of pages of the search results and promote someone else’s profiles.

But if I don’t want to draw attention to my client at all, then it is time to create lots of different personas, all with the same name and begin publishing their journeys. This is a good technique and can be particularly helpful if they don’t have a common name.

This is the approach that was taken and within 3 weeks, the first page of Google had started shifting around.

It isn’t always a quick job and can take many months to completely “own” the first page so we continued publishing posts for a few weeks after they were on the 2nd page. There was talk about more work to keep pushing this off the 2nd page as well, but this naturally just happened over time.

The result is now somewhere on page 6 of the SERP’s and for all intents and purposes, buried. It continues dropping and won’t be long until it is past page 10.

Who do I work with?

I have my own moral compass. I won’t work with everyone as some things are such heinous crimes that people deserve what is coming to them, but I work with 99% of those that get in touch.