“Backlinks can make the difference between simply being visible in Google and being ‘1st page’ visible.”Andy

Link building has changed over the years and should form a part of any SEO campaign if you plan on ranking well amongst your competitors.

To help aid this, alongside my SEO consultancy services, I have created a range of backlink services that can be rolled out alongside other ongoing work.

What is link building and do you need it?

With hundreds of base algorithms at work and always being updated, Google can be a complicated beast to master, but some things remain a constant – such as link building.

Link building is the process of one site ‘voting’ for another by placing a hyperlink somewhere on the page and pointing it back to your page. Google uses these ‘votes’ to determine the benefit that a link will give to your website.

What is link building?
The very basics of links building – external websites place links in their pages that point back to you

But not all backlinks are equal. There are many factors to take into account when building links and unless you know what you are doing, it is very easy to get yourself into trouble with Google and end up with a penalty.

Bespoke Link Building Campaigns

Link acquisitions are planned differently for each client. I take into account the following areas:

  • Site niche
  • Competition
  • Linkable assets
  • Budget

By understanding these points, I can structure a campaign that perfectly matches your requirements and overall goals.

How Are The Backlinks Acquired?

This depends on the campaign, but the most popular offering right now is ‘link insertions’. This is where sites are approached with a view to having a link inserted into a page.

The major benefit of this is that links are placed into aged articles that match your niche – this allows for a very scalable link building campaign that can quickly and easily grow based on your budgets. No waiting around for sites and articles to hopefully be noticed – these can really push a campaign in a matter of weeks, not months.

What does it cost to build backlinks?

This is probably the first question that I am asked, and there isn’t a straightforward answer and I tell everyone the same – what is your budget? You can spend as little as £750 or as much as £20,000 – it depends entirely on you.

Please contact me to discuss which is the best route for you to take. This will give you the opportunity to explain your goals and the best route forward for them.

Link Building Explained

We have established that, for the most part, no-one really likes link building. It is time-consuming and if you start off wrong, you can quickly end up wasting weeks of work. If you feel that you could benefit from a more healthy link profile, then I can certainly help with the entire link building process.

Below is how I structure a typical link building campaign.

  • Service Preparation

    It helps to know first of all what your goals are and then plan accordingly. As with all link building services, the plan will be to build a link marketing campaign that is tailored to your exact needs. Having done this for more than 20 years, I have a thorough understanding of what is going to help move the Google-needle in your favour.

  • Research

    There are a number of stages when it comes to researching backlink possibilities. I start by looking at the entire link landscape of your site and competitors. This is followed by analysing the sources, competitors, the potential for acceptance as well as other factors that will be important during the content creation and outreach stages.

  • Marketing Linkable Assets

    This is possibly the most important part of the project. Without link-worthy content, you will be met with rejection time after time. With data gathered from millions of posts, I can outline the best possible ideas that are likely to lead to natural link acquisition. But don’t worry if you don’t carry any linkable assets – there are always other ways to build links that will still move the needle for you.

  • Prospecting & Outreach

    When your content is decided, it’s then time to see who is going to be able to help seed it through social channels. If there are sites that should link to your assets, I find out who is the best contact to do this and how should they be approached.

The Dofollow vs Nofollow Debate

This crops up time and time again – do you build do-follow links to my website?

Yes, do-follow links do pass ‘link juice’ to a page, but that isn’t the end of the discussion at all. You need a mix of do-follow and nofollow links to make it look as natural as possible – in the same way, you need a mix of high and low-quality sites to link to you.

A natural link profile isn’t made up of only high quality, do-follow links. In fact, you might end up with a penalty if Google saw that.

For backlinks to look natural, they need to be mixed and with a variety of signals:

  • Dofollow
  • Nofollow
  • Citations
  • Mentions
  • Anchor variations

There is a lot more at play than there was 15 years ago, so it is much safer to have links built in a range of ways.

If you think you need some help with your link acquisition strategy, then please contact us or use the form below.