I Just Won Best SEO Consultant!

Best SEO consultant 2021/2022

OK so this is a bit tongue in cheek because lets face it, “Best SEO Consultant” is a phrase we know is searched for and when you win an award to that effect, you want to use it… Right?

So this happened when I was notified of a nomination, presumably from acompany I have worked with, to be shortlisted for a Northern Enterprise Award.

After a number of phone calls and questions, I left it, not expecting to hear anything more about it.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive the notification that I had won!

Ignore the fact they haven’t updated the website link yet, but here it is – Best online marketing consultant!

Fast forward a few weeks and a shiny new glass award turns up, so I carefully remove it, place it on the window sill behind me, only to find out one of the glass feet was missing! So I had a wonky award for a few weeks until a replacement foot turned up.

Best SEO Consultant? Or Just a Bit of Glass…

Does this mean I am the best SEO consultant in the UK? Well, ask the glass and it says “Yes” 😉

So what’s the difference between an online marketing consultant and an SEO consultant?

In reality, probably not a lot, but it depends on who you ask and what their definition is. Both relate to online services and marketing your company across the web.

I want to push your business forward and have you receive more leads via your website, whichever tag you prefer to use.

So if you have any questions, you know what to do!