CASINO, GAMBLING & iGaming Backlinks

The mainstay of every casino, gambling and iGaming website is backlinks. This is probably one of the most awkward industries to compete in and because of its nature of it, no-one wants to just give links away freely. This makes it especially awkward to compete and rank. 

For this reason, I offer a range of specialist link building packages for casino and gambling sites to help them compete. But be aware, that this can’t be something short-lived. You need to be into backlinks for the iGaming market for the long haul.

Specialist Gambling Backlinks

Competing in the Gambling, Casino & iGaming niche

Having worked with and managed SEO teams within the iGaming niche for many years, I am able to offer gambling clients a specialist link building service. By utilizing a wide range of techniques, I can help sites to build a solid backlink profile that isn’t going to attract unwanted attention from the Search Engines.

The key to this is diversity and perhaps more so than traditional link building! This means that you can expect links from a wide range of source pages. If you continue to build backlinks from the same type of sites all the time, you will see very little growth and perhaps be wondering why?

Because without a diverse link profile, it starts to look unnatural.

Step 1: How does the link building work?

I need to start by understanding your requirements. This is normally done over email or on a Zoom/Skype call. I will create a custom campaign just for your site and give you a realistic view of what we can hope to achieve.

You need to keep in mind though, that the iGaming market is unlike any other and linkbuilding campaigns need to be approached differently.

I will be delivering you a mix of links from different sources, as explained below, to help keep your link profile as natural as possible.

Perseverance is key to ranking well in the iGaming market and by getting it it right, you can see results like this.

Step 2: How much do I need to spend?

Keep in mind that you have some huge sites competing in this niche, so you need to have a realistic budget of at least $10,000 per month – ideally quite a bit more than this. But headway can be made from here.

Linkbuilding is a numbers game, but you can’t just suddenly start building masses of links, as this will send negative signals and look unnatural. For this reason, we need to ease into any campaign.

Step 3: Targeting the correct pages

There is little point in creating a campaign that is going to send visitors to the wrong pages, so I will always spend time understanding which pages you need to convert visitors.

Depending your site, these are normally your affiliate pages, game pages, betting & casino pages, or can even be blog posts to help with internal linking.

Step 4: Outreach and planning

Armed with the information gathered, I can start by planning your bespoke campaign. Each month is going to consist of a mixture of guest posts, link insertions, pillow links and other important signals.

We’re actually quite fortunate that iGaming can cover a wide range of niches from sports and lifestyle to technology and news – as well as the obvious gambling sites. This gives us a very wide scope of opportunity.

Step 5: Tracking & Reporting

It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 5,000 pages that need work, I will track all of the keywords being worked on, and give you a monthly report showing the work completed and any SERP changes. Ideally I will be granted access to Search Console and Google Analytics to help with this.

But please keep in mind that like Rome not being built in a day, big SERP changes don’t happen overnight.