Celebrating 25 Years as an SEO!

It has been an interesting journey but never dull. No 2 days are ever the same and I get some meet some amazing people and work with them.

So, to mark this milestone, I have decided to give a little bit back and knock 25% off all of my service costs for the next few months.

SEO Audits – 25% Off

The most comprehensive SEO Audits on the market with more than 250 inspection points. I manually inspect and compiled each one of these – I never outsource my work.

Most audits tend to work out at around £3-£4,000, so it is your chance to save a nice chunk of change.

Learn more about my SEO Audits.

Internal Linking Campaigns – 25% off

Internal links are a massive signal for Google and carry so many benefits.

They aren’t a particularly quick job and take around a week to compile. Costs do vary as this depends a lot on the size of task. The best thing to do here is get in touch with me.

Learn more about Internal Linking campaigns.

Link Building

Still a major part of the Google backbone, backlinks are as important now as they were years ago.

Costs very depending on the quantities and niche, but right now you can also save 25% off your normal costs.

Get in touch if you have questions about any of these services.

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Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is what is done to help maintain a solid reputation when people search for your name or product. If things ever go wrong, then I am able to help bury negative press or build a more positive profile for you.

Learn more about Online Reputation Management.