I Just Won Best SEO Consultant!

Best SEO consultant 2021/2022 OK so this is a bit tongue in cheek because lets face it, “Best SEO Consultant” is a phrase we know is searched for and when you win an award to that effect, you want to use it… Right? So this happened when I was notified of a nomination, presumably from […]

SEO in 2022

What’s going to be big for SEO in 2022? Google in 2021 gave us a lot of new features to think about as SEO’s, meaning that future SEO strategies can no longer be quite as black and white as perhaps they have been. So what does this mean for site owners? Thanks to Majestic SEO […]

242 Point SEO Audit Checklist

What is an SEO Audit? If you are unsure that everything is running correctly with your website, then you will likely want to figure out what the problems are. This is where you need to turn to an SEO Audit (why this SEO audit checklist was created in the first place) and it’s something that […]

The benefits and drawbacks of AI Copywriting

The benefits and drawbacks of AI Copywriting The history of artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning is a long and complicated one. It’s been around for decades, but it wasn’t until the late 1950s that AI really started to take off in research labs across Europe with projects like SHRDLU (a program designed by Terry Winograd). The first major breakthrough in artificial intelligence came […]

Becoming a freelance SEO consultant. Hints and Tips

Having worked both in-house and as a freelance SEO consultant, I would like to answer some of the questions that I get asked fairly regularly, but I want to stress, these points here are far from everything. There is so much to know and understand that it would be almost impossible to put it all […]

4 top tips for law firm SEO

Legal search engine optimization (or legal SEO) faces some unique challenges compared to other industries. But so do all the business ventures and websites that specialize in a particular niche.

Why do we need backlinks for SEO?

We all know Google values the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to a website as one of the most important ranking factors. But why is that so important? And why do we need them for our own websites?

Can you trust AI to write content for your website?

I’m fascinated by all the recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI). With science fiction like Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot, Blade Runner and Her, AI conjures up the image of a humanoid robot. In reality, AI is becoming quite different from this image.

44 Of The Best SEO Auditing Tools

There are more and more bulk SEO crawling tools hitting the SEO scene but aside from the big names, there are so many others that never get a look in, which is a real shame because there are some pretty amazing ones out there.

Beginners Guide to Link Building

If you want to start feeling the love from Google and get your website to start ranking in the search engines you’re going to need some backlinks. So today we’re covering backlinks for beginners. Why You Need Backlinks If you want to transform your website into a customer or lead generation machine, I’ll show you […]

Why best practice is important for SEO

There is no getting away from the fact that there are so many differing opinions about what works best for a website. I am an advocate of internal linking, others believe the key is link building, and you had better believe there are dozens of other strategies that you can try. The beauty about following […]

Search Operators List for SEO – Updated for 2020

What Are Google Search Operators Google search operators are an amazingly useful way allowing you to query Google more specifically to look for certain keywords within different locations of a site or page. They cover much more than I have listed here, but these are the ones most commonly used for SEO purposes. inurl: intitle: […]

Using an external SEO company to create an SEO strategy

The importance of a strong SEO Strategy When you go into business, your initial basic need is visibility… And when you’re a business who is looking to gain some online traction, your ranking on search pages is a vital ingredient to your eventual success. Visibility on search results relies heavily on how well you lay […]

Using Strong Internal Links for SEO

This guide has been updated with additional information based on testing and implementation over the last 6 months and will continue to be updated as new changes are required. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will probably see me talking about internal links… A lot! I get many requests from site owners asking questions about […]