What not to do when negative search results attack

Something has happened and you have appeared on the first page of Google, but this isn’t something good, so you want rid of it. What do you do? It starts by understanding what you shouldn’t do, and that is exactly what I explain here. I like to also stress to all readers, that I in […]

Using Reviews To Power Your Online Reputation

Over 90% of customers admit that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. If you are a brand looking to build your reputation online, then business reviews are one thing you should never take for granted. Reviews are quickly becoming invaluable tools that can be used to win customer trust and establish a positive online reputation. […]

Dealing with bad press. What to do

This happens day in, day out – to people from all over the world. So how should you deal with a negative article in the press? Once again, online reputation management techniques will ensure you keep a clean profile. Some might say that all press is good press, well, that isn’t always the case. If […]