About Andy Drinkwater

I’m now into my 25th year as a Technical SEO consultant and it’s been 14 years since going freelance, where I’ve been specialising in SEO Audits, Link Building and eCommerce SEO. I have no affiliations to any companies and work independently from my offices in Chester, UK. I focus on the technical aspects of search engine optimisation while ensuring sites follow Google’s ever-changing best practices to remain compliant and favoured.

25 years in seo & counting


Copywriter & Technical Author

I originally started working as a technical author, creating documents that helped people to achieve the tasks they needed.


UX at a UK Bank

I had my first take of User Experience working in a bank. It was a great and very early introduction to a subject which has become more important over the last two decades.


SEO Career Begins at UK Startup

I was lucky enough to join an early startup and began to learn about SEO and how to grow a business online.


Launched SEO Consultancy

After a decade, I decided to startup working for myself, which was the best decision I’ve ever made.

SEO audits

Technical SEO and audits are my particular interest area, and I’m particularly well known within the industry for this. I’ve solved just about every technical SEO issue you can imagine.

Other areas of seo


internal linking

international seo

link building

Author of 199 point SEO checklist

A number of years ago I decided to publicise the checklist that I had been working with and building over a number of years.

It’s now used by hundreds of other SEOs around the world as the basis for ensuring that they are compliant with Googles requirements.

If you’d like, you can get a copy of it too. 

Revenue Growth Focus