25 years as an SEO Consultant

2024 marks my 25th anniversary as an SEO consultant and I feel like marking that milestone in some way. And what better way than offering some discounts – we all love discounts!

It’s been a long and interesting journey getting here and I, like others, have faced issues along the road – but we learn from them allowing us to improve.

Google has kept all SEOs busy during this last quarter of a century with the mountains of algorithm updates that we have seen. Each one brings new challenges for business owners, which is where I have stepped in along the way.

SEO Audits – 50% off

I know that it would have been good if the 25 years had matched up with the discount I wanted to offer, but here we are.

For the next 10 clients, I am offering a 50% discount on the overall price of an audit. Most come in at around £4,500+VAT, bringing this down, for most, to around the £2,000 mark.

The beauty of auditing your websites is that I can have a real look under the hood and see what is going on. It might be that you have noticed a gradual decline in traffic over time, or hit by one of the many algorithm updates.

Each one is hand-compiled by myself showing all issues with your site and with more than 240 inspection points, there are no others that are as comprehensive on the market.

Enquire about an SEO audit here.

Internal Linking Campaigns – 50% off

I have long been an advocate of internal linking over the years and nothing has changed.

Through a combination of understanding your most important web pages, audience and keywords, I can hand-craft an internal linking campaign, providing you with a super-easy-to-follow document showing you exactly what keywords and anchors need to appear on pages throughout your site.

There is nothing more for you to do than go to the source pages I have identified, add the keywords to the page copy and link through to target pages.

Targeting 5 key pages normally costs £1,800+VAT, but for the next 10 clients, this is reduced to £900+VAT.

Enquire about Internal Linking here.

Link Building Campaigns – 50% off

The lifeblood of every website – backlinks…

I don’t think any SEO can argue that backlinks aren’t one of the most important signals to Google, even after all these years.

Combining these with great content is a winning combination, and doesn’t look set to change any time soon.

For the next 10 clients that book 3+ rounds of link building, I am taking 50% off the monthly cost of the first 3 rounds.

If you have tried link-building and not seen much from it, that will only be due to the quality of the links. Done properly, backlinks are amazing.

Enquire about Backlink Campaigns here.